Rooted in Somerset, NJ since 1962, Crane Associates, P.C. is an employee-owned company offering specialty services in architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering and consulting services in both the public and private sectors. Our designs provide efficient, robust solutions for commercial industries and seek to serve those who work in them. We are committed to a successful  partnership that yields the highest quality results with the least amount of headache. 



Since its founding, Crane Associates, P.C. has completed over 2,700 assignments in the United States and abroad for municipalities, utilities, government agencies, industry, institutions, and commercial enterprises. These range in scope from small renovation projects to very large renovation/additions including new construction projects that include A/E investigative surveys, programming, preliminary studies, design, and construction administration services.

A large percentage of our work is from repeat clients, testifying to CA’s quality performance.  Over the years, our continuing workload has allowed us to maintain a core of experienced professionals.  The technical challenge of our assignments, along with our coordinated working environment, has resulted in negligible turnover among key staff.  We can, therefore, offer our clients continuity from one project, or phase of a project, to another.



We believe that contributing to society is a privelige, not a job. Each project we work on is an opportunity to create something impactful and sustainable. Our motto has become “Better buildings, Better Projects, Fewer Headaches,” because that is what we know the designing and construction process can be with the right team. Our experience has taught us that the best projects are the ones where we work closely with our client, listening to their needs and collaborating on the many ways the project can be brought to life. Once the option that balances goals, budget and timeline are met CA manages the project to fruition. Actualizing our motto is simple because we employ a highly educated and enthusiastic team on every project we work on, and we have the proven experience to deliver results, every time. We believe that efficiency is the key to success, but that doesn’t always mean speed; our goal is to execute the process right the first time. We take the time upon beginning the project with the necessary due dilligence, so that we proactively eliminate future obstacles before they are even an issue.




With over 50 years of experience in our industry, Crane Associates has developed a proven model for success on any project. Our workflow consists of acute attention in the three following areas:


We employ the latest techniques and technology to create bold, forward-thinking and lasting designs.

Pooling resources, intellect and talent provides our clients with a seamless project experience, every time.

We strive to create and improve places that effectively impact society, offering longevity, safety and beauty.



Our staff consists of registered architects, professional engineers and associated personnel for numerous disciplines including architectural, mechanical and electrical.  This allows for most projects to be completed entirely in house allowing more efficient coordination and cost effectiveness for our clients.

Crane’s Principals participate in the firm’s daily operations, assisted by professionals with the background, education and experience needed to be responsive to our clients on a timely basis, no matter how large or small the project.  CA is able to provide our clients with the expertise and staff needed from the inception of a project to its satisfactory completion.