Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Community Center Expansion and Upgrade

Westfield, NJ


Additional classrooms and meeting space were required to accommodate increasing demands on the current facility. Since the lot coverage area had been fully developed, the facility was expanded upward by adding a second floor to the Community Center. The new expansion was nested around the existing Gymnasium above existing classroom areas.

The expansion included five new classrooms (some of which can be subdivided with folding partitions), a large library/board meeting room, associated toilet facilities and two egress stairwells, totaling approximately 6,000 square feet of additional building space.

As part of the expansion upgrade, the following upgrades were provided in the existing first floor facilities:

window replacement

enlarged office spaces

installation of an elevator

remodeled/replaced existing walls/ceilings

replacement of roofing system over gymnasium

installation of new gymnasium flooring

New Interior doors and hardware

replacement of the boiler system

New air conditioning systems for offices and gymnasium

replacement of lighting system and controls

electrical service upgrade