Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties - Wastewater Treatment Plant

Co-Generation Facility

Elizabeth, NJ


The co-generation facility was designed to take advantage of on-site digester gas generated as a by-product of the sewage treatment process, The facility is designed to utilize a total of six 800KW gas-fueled engine generators to provide the electrical needs for the entire WWTP facility as follows:

Two units fueled with digester gas

Two units fueled with natural gas

Two units dual-fueled with digester or natural gas with automatic changeover and manual fuel selection

The facility also includes:

compressed air starting system for all engines

waste oil system for the collection of waste lube oil from the engines

Oil cooling system

lube oil supply system

engine exhaust system with catalytic converter and heat recovery silencer

digester gas carbon filter unit (scrubber)

digester gas conditioning equipment with gas boosters, etc.

Water to water heat exchangers with supply and return piping interconnected with the existing plant process and heating systems

hot water circulating pumps for heat recovered water to the existing plant boiler house

remote radiators to remove excess engine heat