USPS New Jersey International and Bulk Mail Center

Northeast Building Expansion

Jersey City, NJ


The New Jersey International and Bulk Mail Center was the first of 21 Bulk Mail Centers constructed throughout the nation. Placed into service in 1973, this installation, with 1.6 million square feet of highly mechanized floor space and 292 loading dock bays, is the largest and most complex Bulk Mail Center in the country, the largest military gateway in the country and the largest foreign exchange office in the world.

Over the past 20 years, Crane Associates has been privileged to provide design and construction phase services for numerous expansions and upgrades.

Maintenance of operations was critical to the construction of this project, requiring a detailed phasing plan and close construction coordination. In order to minimize loading dock shutdowns, the project was phased to allow shutdown of only four dock bays at a time. The northeast expansion project included the following:

9,000 sf x 50' high expansion

8 SEPARATE phases

site work, pile foundation and grade beams

structural slabs and steel

insulated wall panel system


loading dock equipment

fire protection

Site and interior plumbing

HVAC and electrical upgrades

asbestos and lead paint abatement