USPS Summit Main Post Office

Facility Upgrade

Summit, NJ


This is a typical facility upgrade project similar to over 50 such upgrades that Crane Associates has designed and construction-managed for the USPS over the past 20 years. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) has determined that this facility is a contributing element in a historic district. Therefore, all work was required to meet SHPO guidelines

Maintenance of operations is critical to the USPS for all facilities. All alterations are required to be completed in occupied and operating facilities. Detailed phasing and close construction coordination are required.

This particular facility was upgraded with the following:

new built-up roofing system

slate roof repairs

windows replacement

new front entrance doors

portico repairs including wood column replacement

new ada ramp

customer lobbies upgrade

retrofit restrooms for ada

replacement of all plumbing fixtures

new a/c and control system

electrical upgrade including new interior lighting and panels